Residential Specialization

Heat pump

A heat pump is an air conditioner and a heat source in the same device. It is designed to regulate the temperature of your home. Our team will advise you on the installation of a heat pump adapted to your needs. 

Commercial Specialization

Roof unit

Champoux Électrique is at your disposal to repair and regularly maintain your “rooftop” style ventilation and air conditioning systems. Our experts will advise you so that your system remains efficient throughout the year and reduce unplanned downtime.

Two areas of expertise
A story

The field of refrigeration and air conditioning joined the expertise of Champoux Électrique a few years after the integration of plumbing. CRT has been in business since 2011 and is renowned for the quality of its work and its exceptional refrigeration specialists. It is therefore in 2019 that the complete merge of the CRT company, who is taking place at the Ville-Marie branch.