Commercial specialization

Refrigeration equipement

Don’t hesitate to call our refrigeration engineers when it comes to refrigeration equipment. Whether it’s your refrigerated table or your three-door refrigerator, our experts are equipped to pinpoint the problem quickly and help you find the best solution to the problem.

Commercial & Residential

Cold room

For commercial or residential use, our team will assist you in installing a new cold room. By combining the expertise of the refrigeration technicians and our electricians, you will have a complete and efficient service.

Residential specialization

Bulk tank

The work and importance of agriculture in our region should not be overlooked. Our refrigeration engineers are there if necessary to ensure the proper functioning of your bulk tank.

Two areas of expertise

A story

The field of refrigeration and air conditioning joined the expertise of Champoux Électrique a few years after the integration of plumbing. CRT has been in business since 2011 and is renowned for the quality of its work and its exceptional refrigeration specialists. It is therefore in 2019 that the complete merge of the CRT company, who is taking place at the Ville-Marie branch.